Cisco TFTP Server

Cisco TFTP Server 1.1

Image Cisco TFTP Server 1.1
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    Cisco Systems Inc.

  • OS:

    Windows XP/2000/98/Me

  • Updated:

    October 03, 2018

  • "FTP client provided by Cisco but not supported"

Cisco TFTP was an FTP client with security protocol that was designed by Cisco, but has fallen into disuse since the company that published it no longer updates it or has any technical support with this program.

A TFTP connection is commonly used to upload files to the server of our web pages. By means of this type of connection the files that are in our computer can be selected and sent to the desired folder of our server. This way, when we work from the web page in its management or development the files will be there. If, for example, we have to upload the images instead of inserting them one by one, we pass them en bloc via FTP to the images folder of our server. Thus, when we write an article we can search the folder for the most suitable images.

Of course it also serves to update the files themselves with the code in which the website is designed. We edit them on our computer and then upload them to the web for them to work properly.

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